About MusaGráfica

MusaGráfica is the work of Lisbon-based designer and illustrator, Ali Smith.

Always passionate about art and books, and fascinated by all things creative, my childhood dream was working for Disney, telling magical stories through enchanted characters. Then I discovered graphic design – and combined my love of the written word with that of layout and typography. Since then, I’ve worked in small design studios and large publishing houses alike, with clients ranging from professional individuals, to local businesses and government institutions. Now, assisted by two gorgeous, unhelpful ginger cats, I work for Bonacia Ltd, in a job that allows me to work on books and covers one day, magazines another, and illustrate fairies, monsters and haunted houses the next!

In 2009, I dreamed up MusaGráfica as a personal outlet to do more of what I love.
Since then I’ve worked on all sorts of projects. If you are interested in commissioning artwork, please drop me a line.